Sunday, July 27, 2014

French Fishtail Side Braid Tutorial


Happy Sunday!
I am going to start our weekly hair tutorials back up :) Boy, have I missed them.
I'm all about loose hair, and when I was playing around with fishtails this happened, and I loved it. If you don't know how to fishtail, just search my past hair tutorials and there's a very easy tutorial for it.

Step 1: Grab two small sections from the part of your head, and you will start fishtailing them.

Step 2: Do three rounds of fishtailing

Step 3: Just like you would in a french braid, grab a piece of hair on the outside of your braid, and cross it over to add it into the fishtail.

Step 4: On the side of your hair closest to your face, you will grab another strand, and cross that over to the opposite side to add it into your fishtail.

Step 5: Repeat this all the way down. Stop halfway down your hair.

Step 6: Pull the braid apart and make the strands loose. Pull them away from each other and make the braid as large as you want!

Step 7: Repeat on the other side of your hair.

Don't get caught up in making it look perfect… pull random pieces into the braid and add some spunk to it. Enjoy!

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Be You, Bravely

photos by- Mallory Fraughton, Design by- Yellow Bungalow Shop

I couldn't be more excited about this weeks shirt, representing our student Itzel. A portion of proceeds from each shirt will help pay for her college. Itzel has been working for us for almost two years, and will be playing soccer at a community college this semester. She chose this quote that represents her life, and here's what she has to say:
(purchase her shirt here)

I used to be afraid to express my true self. 
I felt that I had to be what society wanted to see, but by showing my true self I learned that my uniqueness is admired by many. 
I do my own thing, have my own style, etc. I used to think that I had to be focused on the new styles and such. I thought I had to copy the magazines, celebrities, etc. in order to fit in. 
I prefer to stand out than fit in because that's what we were all born to do in the first place. 
I follow my own path. 
We all have to be confident in being different and not worry about what others think of us. 
I'm and 18 year old and will start my first semester of college this fall. I've faced many struggles in the past that have taught me to be prepared for anything. 
My brother's accident helped me realize that it's okay to be different (because of all the scars and imperfections left on his body). He gets stares and such, but he still lives his life as a normal teen.

Be You Bravely.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

What I Learned In A Cab.

I hopped into my first cab ride, on my first New York trip, with my first experience of the hustle and bustle of that crazy place. I loved it. I made it a goal that I would spread shine in New York City by getting to know the people who surrounded me. I ended up learning the life stories of my drivers while I was there. 
Every time I asked the drivers about their day, they were shocked. It was as if this human interaction was not normal and, actually, that I might be absurd for caring. At first, they would be hesitant. They kept the talk small and I could tell they would only keep talking if I was engaging them to speak. It made me sad and worried about the emptiness they must feel every day, passing thousands of people but never speaking with them. When did we all disconnect ourselves from each other so much?

On one particular cab ride, I met Abraham. When I asked how his day was he said, "fine. just like any other." He told me he's been driving taxis for 16 years. He started driving to pay the bills, and because money is consistent, he never left. And because he never left he got sucked into this life that he never would have chosen for himself. Abe dreams of being a pastor. He wants to lead people to God. I asked him what the craziest thing was that he has experienced as a cab driver. He told me that last week a guy got into his car just crying. The night before, he had tried to kill himself, but didn't have the guts to do it. Abraham spent the drive talking to him, consoling him and trying to explain God's love and that sometimes you just have to live through the storm, and then it ends. Abraham doesn't know what happened to the man when he left, but that he is able to help people who are in bad situations when they sit in his car.

I said, "Abe! You might not be a pastor yet, but you're a pastor in your own way. God is using you to speak and help people who wouldn't usually find themselves sitting in a church… and those are the best kind of people to help. You, actually, are living your dream."

He thought about it for a second, and said "maybe you're right."

I'm learning that sometimes our plans might look a little different than we first thought they would, but that they're still happening. And if we look closely, we can find ways to accomplish what we dream of doing as we go about our normal days. A lot of feeling fulfilled in our own lives involves helping others be fulfilled in their lives. Meet people, and if you're unsatisfied with where you are in life, come up with small ways you can start changing that. Look for the "cab opportunities" where someone is sent your way, and it's up to you to find out why and have a moment of purpose. 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Blue Apron.

When Mike and I got married, he entered into a reality of living with a non stereotypical wife.
Poor guy ;)
Oh, you want dinner buddy? Here's a pan.
Or, on a rare occasion when I found the desire and time to cook…
Sorry, here's your burnt dinner, I tried.
The first weekend we were married I tried to surprise my man with breakfast in bed. He awoke to a smoke filled kitchen, burning waffles, eggs, toast, and bacon, and me in tears. That's how cooking for me used to go. I've gotten better, but I hate finding ingredients at the store, and Mike does the shopping because grocery stores are too overwhelming for me to handle.

Blue Apron has saved my relationship with making meals these past couple of weeks!
Healthy food, with all the ingredients, instructions and saved time delivered right smack on your door step. I honestly want to kiss whoever invented this lifesaver. Zoe and Shiloh even love Blue Apron Meals. Zoe helped me cook and was so proud of her final product. I had no grocery store stress, no last minute wondering what I was feeding my kids for dinner, and we all ate meals that we'd never had before because someone else did all the work for us!

The meals come pre portioned, and you choose when you want the meal box delivered to you. The easy to follow recipe cards come in each box, and if you decide you want to skip a week of meals, no problem! The food is so fresh, and comes in a refrigerated box. I don't like red meat, so I told them I didn't want meals with it… so they didn't send it! You can customize it based on your likes. 
                 I have good news for you so you can try this program out. Blue Apron is offering you two free meals on your first box! Click here