Monday, March 23, 2015

Be The Unexpected

I've been antsy lately to find a way to be more mindful of going out of my way to bless someone else during the day. I decided that it could be a great way to have ALL of us be more mindful of other people throughout our busy schedules, and that if we each did one thing a week together we could really make an impact. Last week on our Instagram @theshineproject we announced our new weekly Shine Drop Challenge.

Every week, a new pay it forward challenge will be announced on our Instagram, and it will be something that we all can do in our different communities. You'll use the hashtag #theshineproject #shinedrop on Instagram and upload a picture of your completed task. I believe that when a lot of people come together for one purpose, more good gets done. It's so fun to go through and see what everyone does to brighten the peoples lives around them.

This week, the challenge is to leave a fun note, and some extra change ON TOP of a meter for the next person to come and use. Don't actually put the money in the meter, but keep it on top for the next person to find (in some states it's illegal to actually put the money INTO the meter).

I have a goal to be an unexpected positive aspect of someone's day, every day.
On Friday I got home from what was an incredibly long day, and I was overwhelmed and tired.
I opened my mail box to find the sweetest note and gift card from a friend. 
It gave me the boost I needed and reminded me that I'm not alone.

Let's change people's lives.
Get goin' on your shine drops!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Our Saturday.

((love is when you use your arm as a tissue for your kid.... hahahaha))

((Since Mike is the tallest we'd challenge him to see how high of oranges he could pick))

This was the first weekend in months where our Saturday wasn't scheduled with soccer games, or that I was in town and we had nothing planned. It was amazing. We went orange picking out at Agritopia Farms in Arizona and had so much fun. The kids make collections of random sticks and things every where we go, and Shiloh has this little field guide where he documents his adventures and writes about things he learned. A FIELD GUIDE, it kills me. I hope he's a scientist one day because I think he would explode from happiness being one. We were given maps at the entrance of the citrus grove, and the whole time we were picking oranges I noticed that Shiloh was crinkling up his map. I finally asked him what he was doing and he said, "When people see my map, I want them to think I've been all over the place and that my map has been used a lot. So I'm crinkling it up to make it look old."

I'm positive I was not as cute or funny as them when I was little. IN FACT, my mom has made it a point to tell me, multiple times, that indeed I was never as cute and as fun as they are. Ya win some, ya loose some. 

Hope you all had a great weekend!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

All About The Swim Wear.


All Swim Suits- Albion Fit

We just got back from a little spring break getaway to Mexico. We've been going to Rocky Pointe since I was about 12, so it was fun to take the kids with us this time. I felt olllddddd hanging out at the kid pool. Times have changed since we would go spend our college spring breaks down there :)

The links to my swim suits and kimonos are above and below. I am on a kimono kick and wear them daily, and also to the beach! I found some very affordable options for ya. Hope you're having a great weel/

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Spring Ready.

I am so excited for spring! I can not believe that it's already March. March in Arizona means that we're currently experiencing weather that most people get during their summers. Its my favorite time of the year and I'm ready to transition to my spring wear. There's a fun new app that that can help you discover new looks and items.
WEAR allows you to easily discover amazing fashion inspiration on your phone, and then make the purchase or see where you can buy the items that are being worn. WEAR brings the best fashion together, and you can follow me on it here!
Go download the app here and start discovering new looks.

Happy Thursday!