Wednesday, February 23, 2011


As you know, each week have have challenges to push ourselves to excel.
Today, I introduce you to our first GROUP SHINE PROJECT.
What's that you ask?
Let's see how much good we can do as we pull together
for the same cause.
Let's show the world what The Shine Project can do.
Here's what our first GROUP SHINE PROJECT is,
and dang am I honored to be a part of it.

This is Michelle. There's just something about her that glows, isn't there?
These pictures are before and after her diagnosis with cancer.
My "trials" always get put in perspective when I hear about others
who are going through something WAY beyond anything that I could imagine.
Michelle's tight group of friends contacted me with her story.
Get ready for this...

"On Sunday, December 12, 2010
Michelle Long was diagnosed with a very rare ovarian cancer.
Only being 20 ,and the cancer already being in stage 3, makes it even more rare.
About a week before she was diagnosed she complained of a bloated stomach, and pressure in her lower abdomen. She assumed she had a bladder infection a
nd tried to rest until she felt better. The stomach pain continued.
A visit to the Minute Clinic told her that she was absolutely healthy and just needed rest.
That Sunday the pain was unbearable and her mom took her to the ER.
Ultra sounds showed cysts on the ovaries,
but surgery showed that the tumors were actually cancerous.
She was taken to Dr. Mike F. Janicek, Gynecologic Oncologist,
who diagnosed her cancer and removed one ovary and her appendix. Within 8 weeks of having her cancer it had already spread to her lymph nodes and abdomen.
The intense pain was due to the fact that the tumors had actually ruptured her ovaries and Michelle was experiencing internal bleeding.
She will have to go through aggressive chemo beginning January this year.
It will consist of 5 days a week then 1 day a week repeating for 9 weeks.
She will loose her hair by the end of January 2011."

Michelle's friends have created a blog to help raise money for her and her family.
They have also created a way for others to show Michelle some love!

I wanted The Shine Project to contribute to Michelle's chemo treatments.
There is currently a SHINE necklace up for bid on Michelle's website,
with all proceeds going to Michelle's family..
If anyone is willing to help,
I know it's The Shine Project viewers.
Even if you can't contribute financially,
you can contribute through letters and love to Michelle and her family.
PLEASE email me to let me know if you send letters or bid.
I want to document our impact on others throughout the year.
Let's Spread the Shine.


Ashley Slater said...

Heart. Wrenching.

Ugh.. headed to donate now!

Caitrin said...

What a beautiful way to help others Ashley! Her story hits close to home---both my great grandmother and grandmother passed away from ovarian cancer. It is such a scary diagnosis and I always support any causes that work towards finding a cure or helping those diagnosed with it!

Brandi said...

This is an amazing cause. Keep it up. Cancer is something that hits close to home for our family too, so any little thing to make someone's life easier, I am all for it!

Parsley Sage said...


Thanks so much for sharing this young woman's story.

Rissy said...

How can I send a letter?

Cylia said...

waow. this is awesome. thanks for sharing:)

Ashley said...

To send a letter, click on where it says, "Send Michelle a letter HERE" :) THIS IS WHY I LOVE MY READERS!!!!!!!

C and N said...

this is wonderful

Mrs. Montemayor said...

I love what you are doing...I even shared it on my blog. :D

Have a fabulous day pretty lady!

angelina la dawn said...

what a powerful lady! love that her friends have done all this!

illustratekate said...

I'm in for the Group Shine Project! I plan on sending Michelle an illustration, something with lots of hope and love! Great idea Ashley!


Jo said...

So glad you stumbled upon my blog, so I could discover yours! This whole project you're doing seems awesome, can't wait to follow you :)

Gracie (Complicated Day) said...

Hi Ashley,
You can click on "get training widget" on my Daily Mile widget and it will take you to the html to copy and paste.

Kelsey said...

She was diagnosed on my 20th birthday...she will be in my prayers daily!

Cait said...

just came across your blog! It's great! i think the project that you're working on its GREAT! can't wait to see what you come up with next!

Bree said...

this is absolutely beautiful. thank you for doing this. of course I will write her a letter<3

--> Bree

Jim and Kensley said...

I love her and I don't even know her! Couldn't she be a better example of someone who can shine?! I mean honestly, She is amazing.

Francesca said...

This is so unfortunate when things like this happen to good people. Going to check her blog now. Amazing post. x

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

oh Ashley, you really are doing such a good thing with this project! thank you for sharing Michelle's story with us. i am truly touched and like you say the perspective on our own misfortunes bear weighing in when having to step inside someone else's shoes this way.

you are a dear person and shine light on me and so many others. the way her friends have banded together is an inspirational victory and i send many blessings their way. ♥