Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tuesday Giveaway! La Posh Style


I'm so excited for today's giveaway from La Posh Style.
Their online shop is full of fun, flirty, and classy pieces that are great for this spring/summer season.
And they always have $8 flat rate shipping. 
Right now I'm lovvvving this skirt, and this skirt.

One lucky winner will receive a $35 shop credit from La Posh!

To Enter (Leave a separate comment for each):
1. Say Hi from TSP on their Facebook page HERE
2. Go to their site, here, and let me know what you'd choose
3. Pin something on Pinterest from The Shine Project blog
4. Repost about the giveaway on Twitter or Facebook and tag @theshineproject

Giveaway ends Friday at midnight! Goood luck!


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Nancy's Couture said...

Said hi on FB

Nancy's Couture said...

I would choose this

Debonair Bandit said...

I said hi on their facebook page! :)

Debonair Bandit said...

It was way way to hard to choose just one item I wanted, but I would say that I would get the camel belt because I really need one and it's gorgeous

Debonair Bandit said...

I tweeted the giveaway! Heres the link https://twitter.com/#!/mandidurb/status/188028076616196096

Ashley Cauthen said...

what beautiful clothes!!

delaneyfaye said...

I told them hi on fb!!

delaneyfaye said...

There are way too many cute things!!
Love this
and this

delaneyfaye said...

pinned your how to braided headband

delaneyfaye said...

shared on facebook!! Hope i win!!! Im so glad I found your blog!!

A Modern Hippie said...

I said Hi on their FB page.

A Modern Hippie said...

I would chose any of the dresses!!!

A Modern Hippie said...

Pinned your Change4Change image!

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