Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Other Side of Adoption.

I'm so excited to share this guest post with you all today. We hear a lot of times about the journey families take to adopt children after wanting them so badly.
 But what about the kids that are adopted?
 What's their story?
Today you get to hear Christy's.

Hello~ I am Christy Lee and my blog is C.Lee.
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Today I would like to share with you how my story began.

I was adopted when I was three days old.
Honestly, it was the best decision my birth mother could have made for me.
My life with her would have been filled with much instability and struggles.
I was adopted by my parents, whom had tried for seven years to have children and were unsuccessful.
They wanted children very badly and were amazing parents to me growing up.
I had a stable home with two people who loved each other very much.
My parents have known each other their entire lives and have a very close relationship.
Just months after adopting me my mom became pregnant and over the years had my 3 younger brothers.

I grew up in a home with no arguing {except of course between us kids} and much love.
I have a childhood filled with happy memories.
I have been incredibly blessed.

Me as an infant.
babyme meandmom meanddad
My parents holding hands together as children.
I always knew I was adopted. It was no secret.
I don't remember ever being told, I just always knew.
It must have been explained to me at a very young age.
It was always something I was proud of and felt special for.
How much my parents longed and prayed for me, and how thrilled they were when I came home.
I would lay in bed many nights and ask my dad to tell me over and over about when they found out I would be theirs.
It was my favorite bedtime story.

My brothers at times would tease me saying "ha ha, you were ADOPTED ".
I would respond confidently "Oh yea, mom and dad WANTED me. They were STUCK with you!"
Yes, I was a cleaver and quick little one.

Adoption is a beautiful thing, I am grateful everyday that I was fortunate enough to have been adopted.
That my birth mother was strong enough to go through the process and realize that it was the best decision for me.
I now know my birth mother and I love and respect her very much for what she did for me.
I am glad I had the opportunity to meet and get to know my birth mother so I could thank her in person for the decision she made.
I know it was a very hard one for her.
I was able to introduce her to my family and she saw the life I had.
I know this brought her great comfort.
Adoption is a difficult decision for any mother.
One that takes great strength and thought about the child's future.
It is not for everyone but in my case I know I was in the home I was meant to be in.
Because of where I grew up and am in the place and am now , living the life I always wanted.


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