Sunday, July 15, 2012

Date Ideas- Gettin' That Lovin' feeling.

Minus the picture above, I promise that I'm going to keep this post as non-mooshy as possible! A lot of people who see Mike and I around each other make the comment that they wish their relationship was like ours, or that they wish to have one like ours someday. We're no gurus at all this married stuff, but I think that if more couples took the time to spend time with each other, there'd be a lot more happy people in this world!
Today I wanted to give you some date ideas and let you know of some things that we do that keeps the fun in our marriage. Whether your married, or dating someone, or casually dating a few people right now, these can apply to whatever phase you are in. Because either way, DATING IS SO IMPORTANT.

Mike and I both work a lot. When we're both working over 50 hours a week, less time is available to spend with each other. But when we have it, we sure try to make it count. One tip for dating is to go out. We're all for movies and dinner at home, but putting yourself in a different setting and trying new things is so, so fun. And you get to learn more about the other person and see how they are in different environments. Here's a list of some of our favorite date nights out.
1. Bike rides through neighborhoods that motivate us to keep working hard. It's fun to talk about our future together and picture where we will potentially be in 5 years.
2. Picnics-Mike planted a tree for me as my wedding gift and every year on our anniversary we go have a picnic at it to see how much it has grown.
3. Bowling. And other fun competitive things like basketball, volleyball, tennis (that was actually our very first date!), etc.
4. Indoor trampoline parks. Guys, these are seriously so fun.
5. Attend art festivals and exhibits that make their way through your city.
6. Do service together. Volunteer at a local food bank, make kits to take around to homeless that you see walking by, help out at the YMCA, tutor at after school programs together. When you feel the fulfillment of service together, it brings a deeper meaning into your relationship.
7.Organize a game night with friends. Or a murder mystery party if you really want a fun night.
8. Go draw portraits of each other in a funny location.
9. Visit historic places and buildings and learn the stories behind them.
10. Go on a scavenger hunt. Make a list of random things to find and get another couple to make it a competition.
The next thing that I suggest is having a thing together. Mike and I love eating out. It's usually how we start off any date. We love exploring new places and comparing them with each other. Sometimes we'll be driving, pull up our i-phone map, type in food, and go to the first place that it lists. Or we'll ask whoever our waiter is what their favorite thing on the menu is and order it, even if it's not what we would have originally chosen. This had lead to some interesting and favorite times together! Make sure that you don't let your thing together get boring. Mike does little things for me, like surprises me with cute messages that he tells the server to put on my plate before hand. It's the little things that make dating fun.

Here's what Mike has to say about dating...
Fun date ideas from a guy… by Mr. Shine himself
Going on fun dates is extremely important, whether it's a first date, with your gf or bf, engaged, or married.  Even if you're old as the hills, it doesn't matter.  Go on dates.  Why is it so important to go on fun dates?  It keeps the spark alive, provides entertainment and SHOWS the other person you want to spend your time with them.
Sometimes it's good to spend money on dates.  Like going to the movies, or a nice restaurant, or maybe a day trip somewhere.  Other times you don't have to spend hardly any money at all to have a great time.  Not too long ago, Ashley and I drove through a neighborhood in downtown Phoenix and gave people on the street water and some snacks.  They were extremely grateful, Ashley and I felt uplifted and good for doing it and it was a great experience for us.  For our first and second wedding anniversaries, we went to a very nice restaurant in town.  Yes, it was pricey, but sometimes a man needs to spend some dough.  I know that Ashley (although she really doesn't like me to that often) is flattered that I want to get her something nice.  It helps her know that she's important to me and I like that.

It's important to go on dates where it's just the two of you as well as hang out with groups of friends.  Being alone helps you bond and being with friends provides another great way to interact.  If you hang out with friends, a good idea would be to get a couple of fun games like Scattergories or Guesstures and have a game night.

The most important thing to do on a date, however, is to NOT be on your phone!  It's rude and it makes the other person feel like you're more interested in your twitter or instagram than you are in them.


Stesha said...

i love you two!


Ashley said...

This is always the advice I give to friends who are getting married--to date, date, date! And like you pointed out, that doesn't have to mean spending money, though that's nice at times. It's just important to spend quality time together. :)

bnfunky said...

GREAT tips! My husband and I are total foodies and do the same thing in regard to restaurants and typing in "food" in maps on our iPhones! Fun fun :)

Ocean Dreams said...

These are all wonderful tips and I love how you both are trying to fall in love more even though you've been married a while! ;) Considering how much you both work sounds like you have your priorities set up correctly! ;)


Great post!

Candice said...

Ugh..I'm guilty of being on my phone :(
I know it's bad but still do it!
We will be taking some fun tips from this post....and banning cell phones on dates in future :)

Kimberly Bonham said...

What a great post! I love date nights. We make sure to take the time to have 1 day night a week. It really does bring my husband and I closer together and keeps the "spark" alive.
I also agree with the holding hands whenever you get the chance, its the little love touches that make your spouse know how much you really do care.

Brittany Lew Whoo said...

i ADORE this post. i love all the ides. me and kendall's thing is watching movies together, which is awesome because we can do it at home or go out to do it!

Christen said...

I like that and those are some lovely ideas! My husband and I definitely spent way too much time at home, and it's definitely important to go out together, even if you're broke! We also spent too much time engaged in separate activities. Even if we were in the room together, a lot of times we were in separate worlds. "Dating" really is super important.

Christen said...

Great advice, and great ideas for date nights!! I loved hearing Mike's perspective. Allthooough, how does he feel about being referred to as a guy? Last time I heard, he was a man. (or was it that he just didn't like being called a boy....)

PS. you two are adorable.

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