Thursday, October 4, 2012

What to Wear: 1st Date

I thought it would be fun for Ashley P. and I to put a first date outfit idea together. Sometimes it's hard to know what to wear when he finally asks you out! When I went to pick her up, I busted up laughing. We basically wore the same thing... So, that must mean that our first date outfit ideas are pretty good...right? ;)

My first date outfit idea:
Braided Hair Tutorial here
 I really think that a feminine and flirty outfit for your first date is perfect. I went with a solid dress and floral accessories. This is something that you'd wear to a dinner date, not goofy-golfing or bowling (haha).  It sends a good message and doesn't show too much off! When my husband saw me dressed in this outfit he said, "Wow. You look pretty. Sometimes I tell you that you look cute, other times you look hot, and right now you look really pretty." I think that it's important to choose a "pretty" outfit for your first date. It's respectable and keeps them wanting more!

Ashley P. agrees with me... She wore a floral dress with neutral accessories. Great minds think alike!

 Ashley P.'s first date oufit:

Go get him ladies!


Ilana Zatkowsky said...

so adobrale! Ashley P killed it! Where are those adorable shoes from though? I need them!

Kait said...

love both of these! Thanks for such a fun post!


Dulce said...

that dress is amazing!!

Katelyn said...

I am ABSOLUTELY LOVING both of these outfits. Perfect first date outfits, for sure. Where are those floral heels from though, Ashley?! I'm smitten.

- Katelyn

Elisha said...

Your heels are the cutest!

JanM ♥ said...

I love the outfits and how similar both are to each other!


love believe laugh said...

I love your floral heels! Absolutely adorable:D