Sunday, December 9, 2012

Twist-Braid Half-Up

 I have another holiday hair tutorial for you today. It is so easy, and I seriously love it. It's a great take on a half-up do, but it adds some flair to it. Here's what you do.
(PS:  I have no idea why the awkward orange sunlight spots are in these pictures! I promise my hair isn't like that ;) )

1. After curling your hair, part your hair normally, and grab your hair like you would be putting it half-up. 
2. On one side of your part, take your grouping of hair and split it up into three sections.
3. Take the first section and twist it to the back of your head, insert bobby pin.
4. Take the second section, braid it to the back of your head, insert bobby pin.
5. Now, twist your last section of hair to the back of your head, and insert bobby pin.
6. Repeat on the other side of your head, and you are good to go!

So cute and easy.
Make sure you tag me @theshineproject on Instagram so I can see your pretty locks!


grace said...

so cute! love your outfit too. :)

Aleksandra said...

I love the hair!

anna lizbeth said...

love the twist braid!

One Little Vice said...

This looks so pretty! Can't believe it's so easy to do x

Angelica [One Little Vice]

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Your hair look so beautiful.

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