Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Time I Took Down Our Tree On Christmas

Skirt- c/o Karen Kane, Shoes- Similar, Purse- Michael Kors, Sweater- Forever21

Raise your hand if Christmas has absolutely whipped out all energy that once belonged in your body!
This was our first Christmas with kids, and as much as it was magical and amazing, 
I did NOT realize that kids and Christmas creates so much crazy energy and hyperness and ridiculousness that I could have a melt down at any moment from it all. I felt like I was with Buddy the Elf for an entire week. It's like all they ate was sugar and syrup and every caffeinated beverage was injected into their veins and HOLY SMOKES the whole thing just needed to calm down.

Yesterday, 10 minutes after we opened presents at our house (we opened presents at my parents in the morning), I made an executive decision and had the family help me take down the tree and sweep out the pine needles that have given me allergies for the past month, and just like that, our house went back to "normal". Call me a Grinch, but I felt a little overwhelmed with Christmas this year, and next year will definitely go back to adopting families for Christmas like we have done the past several years. It just puts the Christ back in Christmas for me when we do that and I missed it this year.

BUT, we did give out 4 scholarships to a few of our student employees for their Christmas presents last week. You can see my video of it on Instagram @theshineproject. That is why we all work so hard over here, and it is so fulfilling for me to be able to be used as a tool to help others succeed.

We're so excited for 2014, and for the opening of our new Shine Headquarters!
Remember, we're now taking interns so look a few posts down to see if you fit any of the descriptions.

Hope you had a very, very Merry Christmas!

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Makeover With Aspen said...

Oh no! Not the tree! I am refusing to take ours down until it snows and in the desert of a town I live in my husband thinks it's going to be up all year ;) I have faith that it will snow by New Years (but the 51 degree weather today is not to promising)

Makeover With Aspen

Stephanie McDonnell said...

Yes, it's overwhelming, but it's only one week. I am not wealthy by any means and have to tell my kids NO all year long. It's wonderful to be able to see them get to be kids, thrilled to bake cookies with mom, and swimming with presents their fingers itch to get ate. After all, they're only little for a little while. I guess for me, it's the one time I feel I can give them something they dream of, even if it does come each year.

Whitney Rife said...

How cute is she!!!!!
Love this post!
Happy New Year!

The Retail Therapist