Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Last Time I Went Skiing I Hit A Tree. I Hate The Snow.

Jacket- c/o Evys Tree, Jeans- c/o Dittos Brand, Bracelets- Threads

I've been wearing this sweatshirt none stop, it's SO comfortable. You can use code SHINE15 for 15% off your order... shop here!

Every memory that I have of being in the snow consists of crying, whining, having wet feet, falling on my butt really hard, fishtailing my car, or having my flight cancelled. One time when I went skiing I actually hit a tree. It was the same year that Sonny died, and I had wondered how someone could ever hit a tree while skiing. Karma flew back around as I was staring up at the trees, covered in snow, being sledded down the hill on a big stretcher. I've never gone skiing again. And I hate the snow.

The past two weeks I've been really nervous about having to go to Chicago this weekend. I got even more nervous this week when I looked at how bad the weather is back there, and how its going to be literally 0 degrees during my trip. I kept procrastinating finding warm winter clothes to take, and suddenly it's the day before I leave and I have winter wear that is good for places like Arizona. No one needs a snow coat when the absolutely low during the day gets to maybe 45 degrees twice a year. So, tomorrow I fly solo to the land of the cold, with nothin' but a smile and a bootleg snow jacket from Forever21. I will say, however, that I am dreaming about Chicago pizza. The last time I was there I was probably 10, and it has been my only trip to the land of the deep dish. I'm planning my days so I can eat pizza every, single, day I'm there. If you're a Chicago pizza lover, what are your favorite spots?! I have to try them.

I'll be at the Alpha Phi sorority convention selling our new sorority line while I'm there. I don't know why, but I scheduled this trip to go alone... I can't tell you how boring traveling alone is for me. I always think I want peace and quiet, but then I get there and freak out because it's too quiet and I want someone to chat with. So, I always end up making friends with the most random people. My guess is that I end up being BFF with another crazy vendor there this weekend and we hit the town and party together all weekend ;) It will be an adventure, I promise you that. Hopefully I have a few good stories on Monday.

Have a great weekend, and check back tomorrow for an amazing Valentine's breakfast recipe from our Fit Friday girl, Brooke!


Robyn Devine said...

Oh lady, I wish I'd known - I'd have sent you a handmade hat to keep your ears from freezing off!!

Stay warm, and get Lou Malnati's Pizza. It's far and away the best.

Also, eat at Portillo's if you can. I crave it here in Omaha, and eat it just about every day while I'm back in Chicago visiting family!

Makeover With Aspen said...

How cute! I am not to big on snow either. If I want snow I'll travel to see it haha. I love the outfit and messy bun though! Super adorable

Makeover With Aspen

ElieRey said...

I obviously don't live any where near snow so I love it, well how it looks:)


Megan said...

I love the bun! Can you let us know how you do it?

Shelly Culp said...

Haha, like I told you earlier Lou Malnati's Pizza is by far the best Chicago pizza!

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