Monday, June 2, 2014

I Believe in Fairy Wings.

I'd forgotten what it was like to be frozen in the middle of fairy wings and freedom. The summers that I spent growing up were full of imagination and life and being the most beautiful princess in all of the land. I believed that I really would be a princess when I grew up, and nobody told me otherwise. There were little moments where I would discover who I was, what I liked, and what I absolutely wouldn't ever do again. I could be me, because there was nothing else to be. I believed in fairies and princesses and happiness that consisted of whatever I was doing at the moment. Happiness came openly and had no expiration date or restrictions. I dreamt up my surroundings and they were limitless. Running around in my little wings, I flew so high; nobody told me otherwise.

Junior high, then high school, followed by college gradually made me forget my freedom to think and discover in a way that was uniquely mine. Being uniquely yours during those desperate years of awkwardness and desire to fit in wasn't on my top 10 list of things to be. I remember in high school when I was asked what I wanted to be when I grew up. I replied, a writer. The beauty and excitement of my dream was replaced with a chuckle from a person who had no interest in entertaining the idea I had that I could still fly the way that I wanted. 

The past few years as I grew out of caring if other people told me I could fly or not, I felt like I thought a lot differently than most people. My values and ideals and opinions on how to live life and work and raise a family were not commonly shared. The news and internet littered my life of negative things that only portrayed a small percentage of peoples thoughts and actions. But because this was what I commonly saw, I thought those values and ideals were what were popular. I soon discovered, that just like me, there was a sea of people who held the same things close and valuable to them as I did. And the more I opened my mouth to speak about those things, the more others would express their desires and thoughts too. I've seen a powerful exodus of very unique people bring to light the things that are really important. When you aren't afraid to fly, you help others discover their own wings. 

The other night my five year old put fairy wings on me we pranced through the neighborhood to a very special fairy city that we stumbled across. The trees were full of fairy beds made of white bird feathers and little sparkle dust that was thrown by only the most magical of fairies. There were royal parties and a fairy school that transformed the most ordinary fairy into a princess beyond compare. We fluttered until the sun went down, winding through the trees and stopping to lay on the grass and stare up at the sky. Nothing else mattered. There was no one to tell us no. There was no one to tell us we couldn't fly. It was just her and I. 

I believe in fairy wings.
The kind that carry you to the highest heights.
And they stay on as long as you believe.


Katie said...

This is beautiful and exactly what my heart needed tonight

Rachael said...

Beautifully written, that little girl is so lucky to have a mom that is so open to possibilities, and big dreams - you love her so well! Great post!!

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