Thursday, June 5, 2014


A couple weeks ago we headed to the Saturday Phoenix Public Market for one last morning choosing produce before it gets too hot to leave the house. In my next life I want to be a farmer, live in a small town, and not worry about much of anything except my family and what we'll be eating for dinner. I already know what I'd have for dinner because all the farmers bring the most delicious things to the market and I just want one of it all. I would also just know how to cook so nothing would be a problem for me. 

We walked passed a little wedding happening right in the middle of the vegetable and organic honey isle. Under a little tent, with nothing fancy, two lovebirds had bubbles blowing all around them while making vows to each other to always be faithful. It was kind of silly, and Zoe took some bubbles of her own to send the couple off, but it was also simple. A simple wedding, celebrating life and love and the simplicity that can be found in all of that if you look really closely. 

I don't know what compels some people to live busy, fast paced lives. The kind of life that makes you forget important things, and miss meals with your family, and spend more time working than doing anything else. This is the kind of life that I live. And if it slows down at all I get antsy and nervous and feel like I'm not doing enough. Because we've been groomed to believe that if we're not doing a million and one things, and if we're not successful at all of them… well, then we're just not successful. I don't know who decided that this is how we all need to be, but somewhere out in the universe I know there's a man who watches us in our hamster wheels and finds it amusing. 

The other night we slept for the last time in our first home. There was nothing left inside except for a blow up mattress for Mike and I, and blankets and pillows and a couple of stuffed animals for the kids. Nothing else to compete for our attention, and no other activity demanding for us to play; and we just sat there. Mike and I sat up talking about favorite memories and events and it was all just so simple and real. There was no fluff or outside excitement, just us… our lives. 

I think it's the simple things that keep us loving life.
Family. Friends. Little moments that mean a lot. 
I'm craving more of it...


GülSinem gülen said...

what lovely photos! you look so beautiful:)

Jojo Al said...

This post made me happy <3 and i agree it is all about the simple little things that make our life better and beautiful >3 lovely post. Thank you dear <3

jenn @ beyond the stoop said...

I love the idea of such a simple wedding... my fiancé and I are getting married at city hall in manhattan in a few months. only our immediate families are joining, and it's going to be perfect. some of our family was upset we didn't want to invite people THEY thought were important enough to attend the ceremony, but we just want it simple, and just for us. high five to enjoying the simpler things in life :)

jenn @ beyond the stoop

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Tara {The Silver Lining} said...

What a beautiful family you have!!! Y'all always look so happy.