Tuesday, July 29, 2014

3 Things To Do While Pregnant

photos by: Mallory Fraughton , makeup by: Harley Chapman

My sister, BFF, business partner and favorite person is having her baby any day… which makes me… almost an aunt to the cutest little guy I've ever seen! Today, Brooke is sharing three things to do during pregnancy… We'll miss her around the office for two months, but can't wait to see the next phase of her life and be a part of it!

Here's Brooke.

1.  Be easy on yourself: I think it's safe to say that I cause myself more stress than anyone or anything else does.  I expect myself to always go a million miles a minute.  To keep a clean house, cook healthy meals, exercise daily, work, get this done and that done.  The list never ends and that is how I function.  It has only taken me several occasions to realize if I over do it while pregnant, the next day I will pay for it.  Although my husband has always done a lot for us I have learned during this time it's okay for me to ask him for extra help.  I have slept more than usual, cut my exercise way back, and allowed myself time to read and relax.  Doing this has made my pregnancy so enjoyable.  It's a great excuse to take a step back and really enjoy the moment you are in.  I know this time will soon come to an end and I will be back to going a million miles a minute with a new baby around to join the party.

2.  Spend more quality time with your husband: My husband and I have have known each other for a really long time.  We both realize that a new baby will change our family completely.  We are ready for that change, but have also used these past nine months to soak up the final time we have as two.  These past couple of months we have enjoyed lots of dates eating at new places we have wanted to try, running errands together, picking out furniture for our new house, going on walks, watching movies on the couch and just being together.  We know these things will be difficult to do with a new baby, so we have used the free time we have to be together.  Not only has it been fun, but we have become closer than ever during my pregnancy and I know we are prepared for this big change and to become parents together.

3.  Work as long as you can: Ya, this sounds like a weird one and maybe it is for most people...but I guess I have a really cool job.  I know it's not possible for everyone, like my best friend who was put on bed rest for practically her whole pregnancy.  People always tell me how anxious they have gotten towards the end or even the beginning of pregnancy.  Since everything else about my life is changing, it has been a nice constant to be able to continue working hopefully until I go into labor.  It has helped me focus my attention on something else as well as interact with people on a daily basis since soon I will be going into hibernation with my baby.  Another added bonus is the money that we are able to save during this time since a baby means additional expenses now and in the future.  Not everyone works and that's fine, but try to keep yourself occupied with meaningful jobs, hobbies, and tasks that you would typically do.

I can honestly say these past nine months have been some of the best times of my life.  Nothing is as important or significant as this little baby growing in my tummy, so my perspective has changed.  I am happier, more easy going and focused on what's important in my life. 


Jenesse said...

It would be nice if this could be more inclusive. Women have babies who aren't necessarily married. Also, nowadays you can be pregnant and have a wife, not a husband. Just trying to spread the love!

TerinAleah said...

I wish someone would've told me to spend more time with my husband (although he wasn't my husband yet, ha) when I was pregnant! You get like ZERO alone time once you start having babies! :)