Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Make Up Products That Make You Glow!

I've been getting asked a lot about my makeup routine, so I thought I would post some of my favorite products that I have found. I wanted makeup that would give me that "glow" and I finally found some! You can glam it up or wear less of it depending on your time and where you are going, but on average I spend about 15 minutes a day on makeup. Nothing too crazy :) The links to these items will be found at the bottom of the post!

1- Rohto Cooling Eye Drops-  I have very dry eyes here in the desert, and squirting this little over the counter eye drop magic into them works wonders. They are the best eye drops, and are great eye drops for red eyes. I've been putting them in right before I put any other product on my face.

2- Liquid foundation and concealer- I absolutely love liquid foundation, and Mac has the best I've ever used. It's great for dry and oily skin, and adding a concealer on top of it adds extra light and coverage to your face.

3. Gel Eyeliner- game changer. Get it, and never turn back

4. Eye Shadow Base- You can use this by itself and it will last all day. Put it in the creases around your eye as well and it's seriously sooo pretty.

5. Golden tone eyeshadows- they light you up!

6. Bronzer- right below those cheek bones… add some color to your face!

7. Pink blush- find a good tone for your skin, blush fixes everything.

8. Mac highlighter- Okay, I just started using this a month ago and I wish I would have found it years before. This is what adds the ultimate "glow" to your face. Put it above your blush, on your chin, and right above your lip. Invest in this…it will last you forever and is seriously amazing.

Lucky for you, Rohto is giving you a chance to win a sweet prize to help with your daily beauty routine!

Add Rohto Cooling Eye Drops to your morning beauty regimen for a bright, clear start to your day. Enter to win a box of Rohto Cool MAX along with a $25 Visa gift card to put towards the rest of your beauty regime.

To enter: fill out the Rafflecopter, and links to all the beauty products will be found below!

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Jexchurch said...

I am not much of a makeup wearer but glowing eye shadows strike my fancy every once in a while!

Terry Dawson said...

Hey, I just love this list of glowing skin. I absolutely love Mac's foundation. I can't go outside without this concealer. I use Mac with my day cream which make my skin smooth and fresh looking whole day. Thanks!